Why Haven’t You Considered Becoming A VPS Reseller?

19th February, 2020

Odds are that if you’ve stumbled across this blog post, you are a perfect candidate for VPS Reseller hosting. THG Hosting loves working with resellers. Whether you are an established reseller business, or just starting out, we have the best reseller packages in the business and can’t wait to partner with YOU. 

Who is reselling cloud services? 

Anyone who is familiar with hosting can easily become a VPS Cloud reseller. For example, we often work with individuals ranging current resellers who are looking to branch out beyond shared hosting to offer new services to SaaS providers who want to support and deploy their own cloud solutions and Value-Added Resellers (VARS) who would like to quickly create and roll out their own PaaS packaged application templates within a cloud infrastructure. However, we are ready to support anyone who is ready to proactively resell VPS Cloud and build their own business.  

Top reasons to become a VPS Cloud Reseller

Beyond building your own business and potentially earning a lot of money, there is a multitude of reasons to partner with THG Hosting to become a VPS Cloud Reseller, including: 

– We handle all the technical aspects like hardware investments, software licensing, and technical support staff.  

– THG Hosting helps you create, deploy, and manage your custom applications faster to leave you with more time for selling and making money.  

– Our variety of products and services means that you can present a full arsenal of products to your customers.  

-THG Hosting offers the latest is industry-leading hardware and solutions including a global data center footprint of more than 29 locations.  

– We pride ourselves in our willingness to custom-design any solution, an attribute that you can pass directly on to your customers.   

– Our intuitive dashboard can be accessed and controlled by remote access from anywhere in the world you have an internet connection.  

Reasons to choose THG Hosting as your VPS Cloud Reseller partner: 

At THG Hosting, we know what when your business succeeds, we succeed. As a business, we depend on your growth to continue to expand our hardware, network, and data center locations, which is exactly why we offer our resellers the exact benefits that we offer all our clients.  

As a reseller partnered with THG Hosting, you will receive: 

– 24/7 expert technical support, available 365 days a year 

– 99.995% uptime Service Level Agreement or your money back 

– A white-labeled reseller package and competitive discounted rates 

– Unlimited Comodo SSL Certificates*  

– No monthly fee or service charge  

– Free billing software integration and website review 

– Create and deploy your own custom server templates for customers 

– State of the art automation and control with the THG Hosting API 

– Dedicated Account Manager 

– An intuitive and accessible dashboard 

– Your choice of global data center locations* 

Ready to get started? 

Begin your VPS Cloud Reseller journey today with THG Hosting. Simply contact our expert Sales team to discuss package options and get assigned your dedicated account manager. Become your own boss and start building your own reseller business today! 

*THG Hosting data centers ONLY 

Start building your reseller business

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