Practical benefits of Graphics Processing Units

26th March, 2021

Adding a graphics processing unit (GPU) to your CPU may not be your first point of call when considering how to supercharge business operations. However, a GPU does far more than rendering videos and images.  

GPU basics 

Although GPUs operate at a slower clock speed, they’re designed to execute thousands of workloads across multiple cores; this enables the GPU to process high-intensity tasks which, if operating alone, can put a huge strain on a CPU. 

Put simply, GPU offloading allows your CPU to solely manage the ‘bigger picture’ tasks it was designed for, ensuring reliable and consistent performance for your end-users. A GPU supports the CPU by spreading out those repetitive data-crunching tasks across multiple processors which, again, alleviates strain from the CPU. 

For those highly demanding tasks which enhance operations, a GPU is an ideal companion to your CPU, increasing speed, and delivering superior processing power.  

The best GPU provider 

We’ve partnered with NVIDIA to provide industry-leading GPU servers and cost-effective, highly scalable solutions. Our server packages align with your data center ecosystem, ensuring your specific server platform matches your accelerated computing application. 

We recently teamed up with NVIDIA to investigate the latest and greatest innovations in GPU, CPU, and AI developments; watch the virtual meet-up on-demand now:

With 50 data centers across five continents, our global presence puts your data closer to customers, ensuring a great user experience, enhanced by industry-leading hardware.  

Find the optimal GPU solution for your business


Based on the new NVIDIA Turing™ architecture and packaged in an energy-efficient 70-watt, small PCIe form factor, T4 is optimized for mainstream computing environments and features multi-precision Turing Tensor Cores and new RT Cores. Combined with accelerated containerized software stacks from NGC, T4 delivers revolutionary performance to accelerate a wide range of modern applications, including machine learning, deep learning, and virtual desktops. 

NVIDIA® V100 Tensor Core 

The NVIDIA® V100 Tensor Core GPU is the world’s most powerful accelerator for deep learning, machine learning, high-performance computing (HPC), and graphics. Powered by NVIDIA Volta™, a single V100 Tensor Core GPU offers the performance of nearly 32 CPUs—enabling researchers to tackle challenges that were once unsolvable. The V100 won MLPerf, the first industry-wide AI benchmark, validating itself as the world’s most powerful, scalable, and versatile computing platform. 


The NVIDIA Tesla P40 is purpose-built to deliver maximum throughput for deep learning deployment. With 47 TOPS (Tera-Operations Per Second) of inference performance and INT8 operations per GPU, a single server with 8 Tesla P40s delivers the performance of over 140 CPU servers. As models increase in accuracy and complexity, CPUs are no longer capable of delivering interactive user experience. The Tesla P40 delivers over 30X lower latency than a CPU for real-time responsiveness in even the most complex models. 

Coming soon – NVIDIA A40 

The NVIDIA A40 GPU is an evolutionary leap in performance and multi-workload capabilities from the data center, combining best-in-class professional graphics with powerful compute and AI acceleration to meet today’s design, creative, and scientific challenges. 

Ready to learn more about the benefits of a GPU for your business? Talk to one of our GPU experts today. 

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