GPU Server Processing Performance and Use Cases

You may be thinking, aren’t GPU servers for graphics and gaming? The answer is yes, they are. However, Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) have many other use cases than you would first imagine due to their inherent ability to parallel process at rates up to ten times faster than a counterpart CPU.  

GPU Use Cases

While the reasons to invest in a GPU server are too broad to cover in a single article, we’ve outlined our favorite use cases that we’ve seen in the last few years.  

3D Processing 

GPU servers are perfect for 2D and 3D calculations and rendering 3D graphics and GPU technologies to the point that they can now outperform CPUs designed for the same task.   

Data Analysis 

CPUs are great a number-crunching, but not at speed. Instead, a GPU server can process accurate floating-point arithmetic and complex mathematical and scientific programming. The wealth of GPU cores allows big data to process simultaneously and analyze at a much faster rate. Extracting meaningful insights from large, complex sets of data requires the powerful processing speeds of a GPU server.  

GPU Offloading 

You can also think of a GPU as the brains of a solution, while the CPU is the brawns. Using a CPU to handle intensive tasks can bog down the whole system. Instead, you can offload the workload to a GPU and free up resources for consistent performance.   

Power Efficiencies 

Eco-friendliness is a state that we should all hope to achieve, and GPU servers can help us reach our climate-conscious goals. Even if you aren’t combing through large amounts of data or rendering complicated graphics, GPU-equipped servers use less energy to accomplish the same task. Lower power demands to save money and the environment.  

Machine Learning & Deep Learning 

Processes that rely on deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) training are best suited to GPU servers. In fact, we are as bold to say that you should not consider AI training without a GPU server. Parallel processing is required to look for patterns and gain inference at a meaningful speed. 

Video Encoding and Streaming 

Whether you are converting video to a new format or streaming live events, GPU servers are the best tools for the workload. Handling and converting video are resource-heavy tasks and GPUs lighten the load on your system while accelerating output.  

Adopting a GPU Server Solution

GPU servers are quickly becoming a mainstream computing and data storage tool. Software packages are supporting GPU acceleration and even go as far as to work with your GPU to offload work to the various parts of the server. While some optimization is still required, there’s no reason not to take advantage of the parallel computing GPUs have to offer.  

The options and opportunities are limitless with a GPU-powered hosting solution. Just imagine what you could do with thousands of cores munching and computing data at unbelievable speeds. Unlock the mysteries of your data today by building a GPU/bare metal solution.